dicomm international

is a political consultancy providing government relations and strategy support. Drawing from decades of experience and a network of partners in Europe, Asia and North America, we offer our clients a range of services from everyday political and media monitoring to high-class meetings with leading parliamentarians and government officials.

We identify your company's political interests and put you in contact with political stakeholders to position your topics on the agenda. We also monitor your company's image in the public, offer analyses of your standing in the political sphere and gather intelligence, thus working together to convey your messages to stakeholders. For enhancing your company's reputation in the public and influencing public debate, make use of our network and expertise to establish top-notch political and business contacts to contribute to policy making.


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Based both in London and Berlin, dicomm interna-tional is ready to support and advise you wherever you prefer. For more information, don't hesitate to send us an email or give us a ring.


E-Mail   info@dicomm-international.eu
Phone   +49 30. 59 000 170


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